• Kimberly Hinds

Of Course You Can

Do you know the scene in Fleabag (Season 2) where Phoebe Waller Bridge to text you drunkenly delivers that brilliant speech in the confessional booth, to the hot priest about wanting someone to just tell her how to live her life? "I want someone to tell me what to wear. What to like. What to hate. What to rage about..." It's so confronting and raw and really resonated with me at the time. She then goes on to rip the priest's gown off in a very steamy immoral (almost) sex scene - which coincidentally is also totally what I would have done. Last July, I was deliberating on whether to sign up for my friend Simone Denny’s 10 week Living on Purpose online course. I messaged Simone and told her - "I don't need a self-exploration deep dive, I just need you to tell me what to do, starting with what time to wake up, when to go to bed, and how to behave like a fully mature adult in between. Honestly, it will save us both a lot of time." She shrugged it off gently with her usual calm wisdom, "Ah. People always say that. No one can tell you those things, you need to figure them out or yourself." Hmmph, ok what about just a cheat sheet with some bullet points of the basics? No?

So, I ended up doing the course, and I can tell you it was freaken excellent. Sublime. Five stars. I am eternally grateful for having the chance to do it, and can't recommend it enough. The course isn't about finding the right career, although it can be, it's much bigger than that, and looks at changing the way you think and approach your life so that you are making the right decisions with how you act and live across your work, relationships, family and your future. It gives you the ability to see who you are really meant to be, and the tools and the courage to become the best version of yourself. Kapow!

A year on, there isn't a single day I don't tangibly benefit from the many learnings I got from the course. I used those tools to take up new awesome habits I thought were lost causes (like learning to play the piano again after a 25-year self shamed hiatus) and giving up some ingrained bad ones - (drinking overpriced natural fizzy wine every night until I was in a sickly passed out stupor). Also, I met a group of truly incredible women to share this experience with … I am loathed to use the nauseating word ‘journey’ but it really is.

When I lived in London, I remember every December Selfridges would roll out the same dazzling instore advertising campaign - enormous posters suspended from the ceilings straddling the escalators which said nothing but, “Buy me. I will change your life." It got me every time. I wish I could hang up giant posters to help more people find out about Simone’s Living on Purpose opportunity. (Instead here is an embarrassing TikTok video I made during lockdown last year.) Do this course. It will (actually) change your life.


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