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  • Kimberly Hinds

6 Reasons Not to Celebrate

Bath time for Madame (moi)

6 things perplexing me this week:

1. Learning that one may have taken the housewife uniform of 24/7 activewear too far, when a pair of baggy track pants does not feel comfortable enough.

2. Enjoying a relaxing bath with children, when one of them does a poo.

3. Questioning whether there is really any point in any of you getting out of the bath. (This obviously did not happen to me, however it could well happen to someone less elegant and clean than myself, who finds themselves in a bath with children.)

4. Discovering 4 year old has made an “aquarium” which consists of pouring water on your laptop and placing sea creatures in freshly established pool.

5. Same 4 year old found washing the walls of the toilet with your toothbrush.

6. Realising it may not be the first time he has done so.


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