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Get Butter Soon

So it seems that everyone is now baking bread for Instagram show and tell. I am shocked. At first, I suspected these loaves were the gluttonous quarantine-sized version of hash cookies, but it turns out these are made with flour, yeast, salt, water and a pinch of self righteousness.

I was so sure that carbs were outlawed in the last decade, the kind of thing you ate alone, in the dark, after a hefty drinking session, and certainly not something you would contaminate your carefully managed social profile with. If you or members of your family would like a more palatable recipe, I highly recommend this Easy Overnight Marijuana Monkey Bread – link here.

Meanwhile, I have had my own pilgrim quarantine experience. The kids had been pestering me daily to let them do some baking, so I finally relented and attempted to bake a butter cake (box mix) with them.

The recipe asks for 50g butter and I vaguely recalled that the marked lines on a block butter help you measure these out. After mistaking 250g for 50g, (completely innocent mistake – this is a mere kitchen, not a hefty Mexican drug cartel) we made the most disgusting oleaginous waxy yellow slab of instant weight gain. It’s so weird how excess butter in say, savoury sauce is incredibly delicious but in a sweet cake it’s utterly obnoxious. The kids actually involuntarily shuddered after sampling their first (and last) bite and have not asked to bake once ever since. Every cloud…

Before I go, and because this is a blog for the whole family (see links to recipes above), I’d like to share a delectable Mediterranean recipe I recently came across in my odyssey to feed the munchkins things other than snacky snacks. While this is little plat du jour is not freezer friendly, there is very little risk of your husband rushing in wanting to know what is burning before madly scooping up both kids and an alarmed cat to scramble out to the safe meeting place.


Boil 1 cup of water Place 1 cup of couscous in a pot Pour previously boiled water into pot mentioned above Cover with lid And this is the tricky part: Wait 10 minutes Serve – in an outdoor setting (or indoors – provided you own a Labrador or a similar breed/greed)


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