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(But mostly about me)

Thanks for checking out Mundane to Friday, a collection of essays, articles and impractical untested life tips. Aren't you delightful?! (Or perhaps you have simply landed here by a terrible clumsy fat-fingered mistake, in which case Too Do Loodles to you - now be off on your merry meaningless way.)

I'm a scatterbrained, bird's nest hair type lover of words who has recently returned to New Zealand after a zillionty years living overseas. I find misinformed debates about politics excruciatingly painful (second after housework) but will happily (also, astoundingly) expound at length on reality TV, oriental cats and hot trends such as eating empty calories. 

At this site you can expect erratic commentary about shiny activewear, raspberry jelly, TV, fash-un, kale and everyday life with my two pygmy-sized emperor children. My posts, rather like my attention span and house cleaning sprees, are short and sweet - "in der Kürze liegt die Würze" (just a little something for my polyglot readers).

Are you still reading? Yes, I like you very much. Winking kissy faces to you.


Kimberly Hinds
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