(But mostly about me)

Thanks for checking out my blog! Aren't you delightful?! (Or perhaps you have simply landed here by a terrible clumsy fat-fingered mistake, in which case Too Do Loodles to you - now be off on your merry meaningless way.)

I'm a scatterbrained, bird's nest hair type wifey and mama who has recently returned to New Zealand after a zillionty years living overseas. I find heated debates about politics a total yawnfest (second after housework) but will happily (also, astoundingly) expound at brief lengths on the frivolous, mundane and plain ordinary.

At this blog you can expect erratic Chardonnay-fuelled commentary about shiny activewear, raspberry jelly, kale and everyday life with my two pygmy-sized emperors. My posts, rather like my attention span and house cleaning sprees, are short and sweet - "in der Kürze liegt die Würze" (just a little something for my polyglot readers).

Are you still reading? Yes, I like you very much. Winking kissy faces to you.


Kimberly Hinds